Katz Pitts - MBA


"Katz Pitts" . -Business School of University of Pittsburgh where I spent a coupe of months for my MBA

The university is one of the oldest historical places in the States.

The architecture style are quite influenced  by East European.

Richard, my nice landlord


Monika, my best friend. we had so many lucky, moody, laughing and emotional days and nights together...


At the same time Rainer worked in the University of Columbus, Ohio, about 300kms away from Pittsburgh. At weekend I took a rent car to visiting him.

This is the townhouse I shared with other 2 colleagues.

We had an excursion “International Business” to Asia. – First Stop: Thailand

Some tourist programs are arranged in additional to the hard work.


The market is amazing!

The local partner showed us specifically this war museum which made our American colleagues very depressed.

Funeral service

HuChiMing city,  south of Vietnam. Here is the hometown of our professor.

Traditional and religions

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